This Anna Kingsford Site, as well as the associated sites The Perennial Philosophy; Universal Brotherhood as a Law; The “New” Gospel of Interpretation; Buddhist Christianity; The Wheel and the Cross; The Democracy of the Future; Humanitarianism; Ideas for a Better World; the Library and Publishing House and the Farm that have “the Wheel and the Cross” (symbols of Buddhism and Christianity) in their names; as well as the other Associated Sites and Pages, are derivatives of the Perennial Philosophy, and its great Natural Law of Universal Brotherhood.

The Perennial Philosophy and its Natural Law of Universal Brotherhood are present in all the great religious and philosophical traditions, only under different symbols, languages and, therefore, cultures. Here on this Site, this Philosophy and this great Natural Law seek to be transmitted to the world, above all, through the dissemination of the teachings (still little known) of the “New” Gospel of Interpretation, as well as the dissemination of subjects and authors in harmony with this message. This is the denomination of the philosophical-religious message bequeathed to the world by Dr. Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland, which, in our best light, contains the true mystical (deep, spiritual) meaning of Christianity.

This recover of the true interpretation of the symbols and message of Christianity is something of the utmost importance regarding the possibilities of overcoming the world’s problems. Let’s look at some arguments and facts in support of this claim.

First, there is the fact that Christianity is one of the pillars of Western civilization, and that this model of civilization is largely dominating the world. And as this model of civilization, even if it contains positive aspects, is leading the world towards gigantic catastrophes, it is necessary to reform its main columns. In addition to present Christianity, with its sectarianism and idolatry, we have as another pillar Modern Science, which has become dominant at the elite level, which today is dominated by Materialism.

Thus, the civilization model of modernity is nowadays structured on false metaphysical and ethical bases, whether in the philosophical-religious field or in the scientific field. If these assumptions are true, then the world needs a major intellectual reform, which presents more just and truer metaphysical and ethical bases.

This great reform must embrace the religion, philosophy, and science of modernity up to our days. And the “New” Gospel of Interpretation is a pioneering example of this great reform in the philosophical and religious fields. An example of interpretive reform that should be similarly applied to the other great religious and philosophical traditions of humanity. An example that, at the same time being truly catholic (universal, non-sectarian) and scientific (with experimental attitude), can bring together and harmonize these three fundamental fields of human knowledge: religion, philosophy and science.

It is important to make it clear, again, that the Perennial Philosophy and its great Natural Law of Universal Brotherhood, which underlies the New Gospel of Interpretation, can also be transmitted to the world through other religious and philosophical traditions, and even through modern science and the arts. This intellectual perspective (worldview) together with a practice consistent with the Natural Law of Universal Brotherhood, that is, which is at the same time catholic (universal) and scientific (experimental), is necessary for the dissemination of metaphysical and ethical principles in a way that is coherent and harmonious with the very existence of the Perennial Philosophy and its great Natural Law of Universal Brotherhood (see the text Perennial Philosophy: General Aspects and its Importance).

Within the immense interpretive work of the Christian Scriptures, which is the main aspect of this “New” Gospel, we find a clear exposition of the necessary complementarity and unity existing between Buddhism and Christianity – Buddhist Christianity. And ethics (values) and main social institutions derived from the Natural Law of Universal Brotherhood (heart of the doctrine and life of Buddhist Christianity) are the bases of the social philosophy called Humanitarianism, and its new model of social organization called  Participatory Democracy of the Future.

In this way, all the content on this Site is linked to and is complementary to the other Associated Sites and Pages, which deal with the various aspects of the work to spread this great message.

For a synthetic view of the life and message of Dr. Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland, we recommend some introductory texts:

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