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            (In answer to a question.)

            Spirit loq. Angels will give you strength if you invigorate your faith, and let the Holy Spirit move you to write. You must have faith in the power of those above who are trying to help you. You cannot be the receptacle of all God wills for you while you persist in doubting all He shows you.

            The skies are blue, the sun shines, but if men stay within in darkness they cannot behold either; so is it with the spiritual skies and sun, which exist more truly than the phenomenal appearances which ye call nature.

            Ques. What do you mean by the Holy Spirit moving me to write?

            Ans. The Holy Spirit is not one person infinitely removed from earth and from all that partakes of earth. It pervades all, and is as your ether, as your sunlight, penetrating and vivifying all, unless where manís consciousness persists in excluding it.


            (In answer to a question.)

            It is better for you to write freely, and to abandon your mind to the influences we shed over it, than to hesitate and resist what thoughts and words seem folly and worthless. Surely you can use penetration and discrimination to give permanent shape to this writing. Meanwhile We can only work through you. The shades,

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the doubts, the uncertainties, the very expressions of criticism of our words and work, must be met and answered as they arise, and this much impedes us; but thus only shall we be able to satisfy your own soul as to the truths we see, but you grope after. Thus only can our power be increased, and your answering receptivity avail us in our work.

            Your mind is not like good material on which we can work as seems best to us. We must ever contend against the preconceived tendencies it has developed, and the direction already taken by it. Wrong words and wrong expressions will occur which you must eradicate.

            Let only the general tenor of what we say guide you; and the special form in which we are obliged to frame it, you can correct by your own inner sense of Truth. As time goes on results will be more satisfactory, and you will not look on these hours as wasted.

            This is the preparation of your mind for the reception of Christís truths, adapted to the intelligence of the age in which you live. All men might receive those truths if they came out of the self-imposed darkness and limitation in which sense and matter enclose them.

            Ques. But would not this make us all dreamers and idealists, instead of practical man and women, dealing with the evils of the world as they arise?

            Ans. No, practice would awaken and shake the earth with its mighty meaning. There would be no longer separation between performance of the highest and the glorious ideal which has hitherto only inspired the few. Mighty then would be the vastness of menís conceptions, and mighty would be the births issuing from them. For are not actions births from the idea and will of man combined? Meagre births as yet, poor, puling, sickly deformities, without health or vigor, discordant among themselves, having neither unity nor meaning. When manís desire shall be unto the Highest, then shall

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the Holy Spirit of God infuse into his soul its own most sacred Image; then shall the deeds of men be the true sons of God, and the earth shall be full of their mighty works.

            You have done well this morning. We have been able to control your thoughts and express our meaning more easily. You feel tired because the reaction of doubt has come upon you again. But courage, have faith, we will show you we are your friends, and we will find words, even not the best words, but still lame words to express what we mean the world to know. God is with us, and it is Truth we are endeavoring to utter. Truth marches hand in hand with Faith and Love, and is accessible only by Hope and Charity. No man knows the heights and depths of Truth until he comes here and is no longer subject to the illusions of sense and body. He must reach the Celestial before he knows Truth. We will explain, this when you know more. It seems a paradox to say that Christ Jesus knew Truth after saying this, but so it was. He had reached the Celestial and was no longer subject to illusions of any kind.


            (In answer to a question.)

            Godís consciousness latent in you is of the Celestial truly, and is Celestial, otherwise ye could not attain to Truth. But your consciousness, individuating and developing in your pilgrimage through matter, has not yet sighted God, and in so far truth is foreign to it. As you consciously, and of your own wills, draw nigh unto God, Truth becomes manifest, and that which God implanted within you as a germ, ye shall have developed to a full and God-like perfection.


            (In answer to a question.)

            Seek not yet the meaning of all things. As you are ready so will we teach you, and show you clearly, step by step, how ye grow unto Truth. The Dawn rises, but

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ye could not bear the full light of the Sun. There is no miracle in Nature, and all is Nature. God is Nature, man is Nature, and all between and around them is Nature. Nature refuses a vacuum, and all is filled with God, God manifest to man, God unmanifest to man, but still God throughout time and eternity, throughout space and that which is not space.


            (In answer to a question.)

            God is truly a word, as you say, but it expresses all there is, and as such, is as good as another word. The idea that a belief in the diffusion of God throughout Nature tends to diminish manís faith in God as his Father, is false to the core. The impossibility of any other conception of God presses on man as he advances towards the light of Truth.

            Only if God is in all Nature can He be in man also. It is love which has impelled God to individuate Himself in manís separate consciousness. But wherever man avails himself of his individuality and freedom to deny Godís existence within him and in the universe about him, then is God sacrificed by man.



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