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            Ques. My name! Who speaks to me by it?

            Ans. You are my child. It is your mother who speaks to you. Your eyes are closed, you cannot hear me when

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I call, you cannot see me. This is not illusion, this is reality, and if you persevere, you shall attain to life and light undreamt of even by you.

            In the world I was like yon, only more doubting, and I could not feel the influences which would have been my salvation and my happiness.

            Ques. Will any physical associations – letters of yours, or the like – help my intercourse with you?

            Ans. No, my child, nothing avails but prayer and intense clinging to the truths of the universe, – to the Universal Spirit which emanates from which inspires all, and is known to those who are here.

            Ques. Does ––– (a friend) try to teach me?

            Ans. Yes, she is trying through those you have loved to come near you. You mistook her on earth. You must love her.

            Ques. Did I really love you on earth?

            Ans. You did not love me in one way, but in other ways you loved me more than I loved you.

            Your maternal experiences have taught you how love between parents and children is like all other love, a growth, a matter of will, habit, and education, more than of instinct. Love qualifieth all men to glory. Love hath nothing selfish or maleficent. Love is not compatible with self-seeking. It is the fullness of man’s power of godhead when he attains to Love.

            Ques. Are you and grandfather working together?

            Ans. Yes, we are hand-in-hand, stepping upwards.

            Ques. Are you in what we call Purgatory?

            Ans. No, we are not in Purgatory now; we are in the heaven of our own thoughts and plans. Yes, we work ever, we pray ever, we weep together, we seek ––– (another near relative).

            Ques. Where is he?

            Ans. He is not yet with us. He is in the purgatory of his own making. He has more to suffer; he cannot rise yet, because his spirit is not yet enough developed.

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            Ques. Can you see him and help him?

            Ans. Yes, we can see him, we can converse with him, we can help him.

            Ques. Is he really in purgatory?

            Ans. Yes, he is in what you call purgatory, but he is not sad. He sees it is his path, and he must tread it. He is not so far developed spiritually as we are, and he longs to cast off the influences and curtains earth drew around him.

            Ques. Is there really a movement now on your side to influence earth?

            Ans. Yes, the angels are mustering strength, the road is clearing, the paths are lightening, the glory of the Lord is being felt like a mighty thrill of music among us, even among those of us who cannot see the light in its intensity of love and desire for earth’s regeneration. There is but one thought inspiring all our legions and myriads of power-giving hosts, and that is our love for earth, our beseeching prayer that men will hear us, and that their eyes may be revealed unto them. O men! It is your attitude, your faith, your clinging to the inspiring love of God, which is our strength, our armour, our prowess, and our hope.

            Ques. Have you come to me when l have so often dreamt of you?

            Ans. Yes, my child, I have, and will do so. You must persevere in this work, it will enable you to overcome evil in your own nature, and it will help the world to find its spiritual equilibrium which is well nigh lost.


            (Here there was perceptible change of influence.)

            Spirit loq. You have lived in a quagmire of doubt, and your great faculties of spiritual insight which belong to you, and constitute your own undying possession, have been smothered and useless, clogs to your healthy growth tormenting you for their freedom, preying upon your temper, keeping back your intelligence, and dwarfing your whole womanhood. Your life has not been a

(p. 15)

blessing to those around you. It has not even the influence over your children it might have. We want you to realize how you live.

            In answer to doubts not expressed it was added: – You must not think we are against Christ. It is you who are unconscious what is the work Christ would have you to do. We know that Jesus Christ lived and was of God, as the Gospels portray, but not as the Churches portray him. He is spiritually far above your earth now, and his work is delivered, not immediately by Himself to earth, but through the myriad souls who love Him better than their own lives, and His Spirit better than Himself.

            The personal aspect of Christ Jesus is not the noblest aspect, but nevertheless it is the aspect through which we must all pass. You will see later that the spiritual work of Christ Jesus is the work He Himself taught men to have in mind.

            The love which many feel for the man Jesus cramps the love they should feel for the Spirit of Christ, and thus the object of His ministry on earth is buried and lost sight of. He came to make God known to the world, and not to enclose the world’s ideal of God in His own earth-life.

            Get rid of the personal worship of the man Jesus, and your souls shall be free to see Christ as He was, to comprehend the vast depths of knowledge and love which inspired His work. Knowledge and love are to one another as sun and moon, alternately inspiring and reflecting one another’s glories, and lighting man’s spiritual earth. They are as the eternal rhythm of matter and motion, conspicuous everywhere, as the in-breathing and out-breathing which pervade all life in some form.

            Christ Jesus was the sun and moon of man’s spiritual conceptions. His knowledge inspired His love, His love reflected His knowledge. Nor is it possible to complete His work on earth, or even to comprehend it, without ye

(p. 16)

too in-breathe knowledge and out-breathe love around you on every plane of your existence.

            The love of Truth is the love of Christ, for Christ Jesus was the Way, the Truth, and the Life, both in His personal life and in His profound teachings of superhuman wisdom. Superhuman, we would say, in the age in which He lived, but so far attainable by man’s spirit, that His words “Be ye therefore perfect even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect,” are no exaggeration of an ideal impossible of realization.



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