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            Spirit loq. You will see soon, and then your faith shall be turned into the sureness of vision.

            Ques. Why did I dream that strange dream and yet not remember it after I had slept again?

            Ans. You dreamt so because we came to you and tried to possess your mind and use its dormant powers to express our further meaning to you. We will not recall it to you now, but we will try to come again in sleep and make you know our meaning, and then you must write it down ere you sleep again. When your faith is fuller, then shall your courage be greater to show the world of doubters what you know. How can the blind lead the blind?


(p. 20)

            (In answer to a question.)

            Many men and women who know not these things, yet know the Lord above and Christ. But for you and for like souls, more direct vision of us is necessary to implant faith in your hearts and to give you strength to work. Trust to us; we are Godís agents; and we can give you what you need if you will pursue our treatment as a willing patient who needs our loving care. Only keep your eyes fixed on the Heights above, and let no sordid, base, cruel or unloving energy make use of your being, and all shall go well. You shall grow in stature and acquire faith in the Highest you can see, through us. We have sought long to help you. Remember when you were urged Ė tempted, you thought then Ė to write fifteen years ago. We were watching you then. We knew your needs and your receptivity. We knew we could use you as a means for furthering our work on earth. Seek not yet too high teaching. We cannot yet use your mind to impress it sufficiently accurately with thoughts of which it had no previous conception. Your reasoning faculty is deficient until it has been wakened to an insight into the things which shall redeem it by certain vision of their truth, by certain appreciation of their presence in the world of sense and of spirit.

Faith means possession in those who have seen these things and can recall them in earth-life. The keynote of your life in your present form has been Aspiration. And truly you are as an eagle in the soaring of your spirit. But with this you have no true vision of the Beyond. And thus your aspiration has been the cause to you of all this suffering, this bitterness of spirit which has wrecked your influence on others. You must not worship us who help you; you must give your soul to God alone. We are but His instruments. Our personalities we know not. We know only God and His glory. Personality is of the Earth earthy, and God is of Heaven.

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We would reach to God and be merged in His work. We would be as the arms to His voice, executing His thoughts for man. Personality, we tell you, gets lost sight of here in the boundless love which expands it into an ocean of selfless aims. Love is the supreme object we all seek; love manifested in help to man; love manifested in feeling for man, which calls forth from those for whom it is uttered, corresponding love. For, in LOVE, we know lies the resurrection of Earth from its grave of sense and matter. Your finest works on Earth are enfeebled, O man, by the insensible growth within them of personality. Like a noxious creeper it preys upon the true spirit which inspired them. Thus it is that churches, sects, societies become corrupted and stray from God. This influence of personality maiming manís works, is more or less inherent in his incarnation within the walls of sense. It is to counteract its growth that we seek access to the counsels of man; that we may infuse them ever with fresh streams from the Divine, and thus accomplish Godís will for man on Earth.



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