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            (Given in reply to a question put in a desponding mood, after hearing sanguine expectations expressed concerning the spiritual awakening of the age, especially in reference to the part to be performed by the Esoteric Christian Union)

            Spirit loq. It is the work of God, nor can failure be where God is. The hour is at hand, cry Those of the Beyond, and they of earth’s denizens who can read the signs of the times shall unite with us to accomplish our holy work.

            See ye not that in many ways God works among you? On one level the stirring of the masses finds voice in what men call the “Salvation Army.” On

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another, the Churches turn restlessly around seeking to revitalize their faiths. Everywhere men’s minds are seeking truth or despairing that truth is not for man. Wherever your intuitions are true to Everlasting Fact are ye led to see beyond the veil into the things which transcend sense. Whether the result take place in one form or in another, the same Divine outpouring it is that underlies the spiritual phenomena of your age. Science, even, in laying bare the phenomenal aspect of the universe, so far as man’s reason through his fleshly tenement can gauge it, has awakened men’s consciousness to the vastness of their surroundings, and has whetted their appetite for further knowledge. Nor will her cry – the cry of Science – that “what lies beyond the phenomenal is unattainable by man,” avail to stay the onward tide of your eager souls. She – Science – has established the fact of Evolution as the pivot on which your universe revolves – as the main-spring of its Being. And shall she set bounds and order limits to its unfolding in man himself? Shall the priesthood of Science replace the priesthood of Religion? Not so, in face of facts she will not look upon, or can account for only by a denial of their existence. If the priesthood of the Earth – uttering itself whether as Religion or as Science – prompted by fears lest Truth abolish it, shall seek to withhold from you your Birthright in God; if, as Religion, its effort be to arrest man’s mind in contemplation of dead doctrines formulated centuries ago in self-preservation; or if, as Science, because of its own blindness, it utter a limit to man’s growth towards the Divine – most assuredly shall it pronounce its own doom and awaken but to the knell of its own passing bell.

            For, has, not God, in your accepted Evolution, decreed that the tyranny of man shall no longer restrain his fellow man from reaching upwards to the clear Heavens he discerns above awaiting his approach? From henceforth, know, ye men, that God’s Church is the Universe,

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extending from Earth to Heaven; that God’s Temple is the human creature, whose goal is God; nor shall any limit be set by man to man’s conceptions of the Divine within or without him. And from henceforth know, ye Churches of the Earth, that ye shall stand and grow in exact measure as ye grasp this truth and, having grasped it, as ye urge men on to realize the divinity Christ claimed for them. And, ye Churches of the Earth, ye shall perish, and that utterly, as ye blast man’s divine hopes and impulses, perpetuating the priest-constructed doctrine of his sinful origin from a blood-loving deity.

            Nor shall Earth alone be glorified in its own redemption. Not in vain do the long ages of its past awaken you in the voices of those who once called it by the sweet name of “Mother Earth.” Not in vain do the Angels who claim to have been its own men and women, appear to you in vast harmonies of love and faith, prophesying it’s near resurrection; not in vain do the Celestial ones audibly appeal to you, their loved ones, to join hearts and voices that Christ’s divine mission, the establishment of God’s Kingdom “on Earth as it is in Heaven,” shall no longer be a meaningless sound in your children’s ears.



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