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(After being at Church and taking the Sacrament.)

Spirit loq. We are with you. We see your difficulties. There is good, though, in all earnest religion. It serves some purpose, it ministers to, consoles and elevates some souls. Look for the spiritual light within it all, and you shall see new meaning in these words which afflict you in their present relations to the Unseen.

You must read more. This shall help you in your present difficulties. Continue all practical work with deepest prayer and faith, but apart from these do nothing.

Enemies are around you, and at times is your soul oppressed by their influences. You have been thinking how you can find time for this writing. This you should

(p. 80)

do early. All self-denial is habit only, and in a few months there would be no trial to your health in rising early and writing for us. Six or seven hours sleep is enough for you. It is not the want of sleep you suffer from. It is the need of spiritual peace in sleep which is important to you; and you will sleep better when your life is more deeply and harmoniously spiritual without and within. Be led into no worldliness, no personal eagerness over worldly matters, either of business or of pleasure. Do all as duty. Seek your pleasure with us, and you shall surely find it.


(In answer to a question.)

Yes, there is Reincarnation. You shall know more of this. You must pray and realize your prayers. It is indeed difficult.

We are witnesses what the struggle costs you, but pray continuously and do not cease to have faith.

These writings, personal as they are, would help many; and fear not man’s ridicule if your motive be pure and selfless. That is not your affair. Never waste time in considering the opinion others hold of you, but walk onwards, praying ever for light. Pray, too, when you have physical pain, and be not discouraged.

Love, love, love, is what we would prescribe for you, morning, noon, and night. Let no unloving thought enter your being; cast it from you ruthlessly. Have no mercy upon the spirit of cruelty, of harshness which assails you. Cast it out like a worn-out garment. Look never behind you, lest you become a pillar of salt, dead to spirituality. Tell men simply and truly that you have been helped by this writing and that it came to you, you know not how, and urged utterance. For many souls there are like yours who need our continuous ministry; many persons who need the continuous sense of an actual presence within their lives, raising their ever-flagging souls until the birth-throes of the Divine within them shall proclaim their fitness to walk alone.

(p. 81)

We can see how painful the fear of ridicule is to you, and how you are ever in fear of this form of persecution. But this work will help you permanently to overcome all evil within you, and to establish your Earth-life on a sure and growing basis.

You still seek for material manifestations. We do not wish to give these to you. You have been, and are still at times, in the hands of foolish and of godless spirits, and until their hold on you is weakened, you can foresee the danger which material and physical manifestation would possess for you. You cannot understand the laws of our control of thought and matter; but rest assured that we are watching for an opportunity to strengthen your faith, and the faith of others in us. We ARE the messengers of the Most High God, and we work through man that God may become more fully recognized on Earth.

Fear not to publish what we have given you. We know that you are frail and selfish; we know too that it is not easy to you to give to the world that which you would keep for the inmost sanctuary of your own soul. But trust to us, and know that from this and like seed shall spring up in the hearts of men the sense of God’s growing Presence within them, of God’s most Holy Spirit on Earth, as has been the case with yourself. To this end we will that this our work, lame and inefficient in one sense though it be, through your lack of answering love and faith, go forth to all who can profit by it. That of it which is personal even will appeal to many, because the human spirit is one spirit; its troubles, its difficulties, its joys, its hopes, its fears are alike for all; and these only show to us as minor differences distinguishing men and women.

What we have spoken to you we speak to all men, to all women, yea to all children, who can find Truth in these lines.



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