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(p. 77)




            (In answer to a question.)

Spirit loq. Yes, we know those who worked through ––––, and we work with them.

Ques. Why do I not have similar demonstrations?

Ans. Because your mind does not require the proofs necessary to him. You do not doubt in the same way he did. You can see at all times that there is a link between your Earth and us, and thus we can work through your mind.


            (In answer to a question.)

            While you cannot write as you do at home, you must ponder and pray.

(p. 78)

The prayers you utter so intensely, influence those for whom you utter them. But when you pray thus, remember that all physical benefits are secondary to spiritual ones. Remember that all physical evil (pain, disease,) derives from spiritual evil.

            You can partially see into our sphere at times. These half glimpses you have of words, this sense of a barrier to be overcome in yourself, are true.

You will see more clearly in time, if your faith, and above all your love, fail not.

The thoughts will be like objects before you, and will not depart as they do now, before you can grasp them. But to achieve this you must pursue a spiritual life on Earth, and make all else secondary to spiritual development in yourself and in others. Do your work, but do it always from a spiritual standpoint.

When these Earth-barriers, these Earth-difficulties due to your gold, your cares, your personal defects, bewilder you, pray, and try to conceive that which is really around you – the teeming band of spiritual influences and guardians who would turn evil away from every child of man.


(In answer to a question.)

If you felt no antagonism to others who know not the extent of your faith in us, if you felt no fear of their criticism, then could you write when surrounded by unbelievers in our work.

It is your own mind, and the revulsion of feeling and confusion produced by its own susceptibility to earthly influence, which prevent you from writing when you cannot be in seclusion from the world.

Whenever you are filled with loving sympathy for all around, pray for them silently, urge upon them silently co-operation with the spiritual universe, and thus open an avenue silently from the spiritual universe to their own souls.

(p. 79)

In doing so you shall increase your own power of communicating with us, and ours with you, and shall bring others into actual harmony with spiritual influence. No love, least of all spiritual love, ever falls fruitless. Where true love is, distance avails naught. Distance, time, space, are all conditions pertaining to matter, matter itself being a relative to spirit. They are conditions of God’s expression of Himself; they are not actualities as are God and God’s Spirit. They are the clothes, the garments in which you behold Spirit attired. You too, that is your bodies, are also as garments in which Eternal Spirit manifests Itself.


            (In answer to a question.)

Your fears are unfounded. We shall work through you more and more if only you stand by us, if only you keep alive your faith that there is but one Spirit clothed in many fashions, and that this same is in you, in us, and in God. Never deny your faith in this, express it how you may.



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