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            Spirit loq. You ask more of Christ. We tell you Christ is the holy type to you of human life on Earth, the prefigurement of what that life might be, would be, could men only incorporate his image into their inmost souls. Not human life as Jesus of Nazareth lived it; crushed ever among unbelieving demon-worshippers (1) and self-constituted judges of the possibilities of the divine within man; but such human life as would have been the life of Jesus dwelling among a spiritualized humanity.

            When Jesus of Nazareth appeared, the world could hardly bear to look upon, much less to absorb, such vision of true manhood, the manhood of man made in the image of his Father. Then did the intensity of the spiritual love dwelling in the Divine soul of Christ and claiming its inherent privilege as the “Beloved” of the

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Father, issue forth from the Celestial Hierarchy to manifest such a type to Earth.

            But think ye that the weariness, the struggles, the agony, the persecution unto death, the deep-dyed sorrows attaching to Christ’s manifestation of the Divine on Earth, were inherent in the image itself lifted up that it might draw all men unto it? Not so; they were the direct consequences of the darkness of man’s spiritual vision, proclaiming aloud his deep need of spiritual light. The hour for the manifestation of this light on Earth was at hand; and in the burning depth of the Divine love which inspired it, no hindrances, no question of bodily or of spiritual suffering to be endured, could any longer separate God from man.

            Behold these very sorrows and difficulties of Earth-life in Christ Jesus. Have they not arranged themselves in deep harmonious tones, setting forth the exquisite purity of this immortal vision of God-enlightened man? Have they not spoken and shall they not ever speak in celestial notes, inimitable in the sincerity of their love, to the weariest souls of men?

            You look at Jesus as a man of sorrows, and truly he was so. But he was also a Spirit of joys, of joys so pure, so intense, so far beyond all earthly conception, that ye have hitherto failed to realize them. What do these words of his betoken? “These things I speak in the world that they might have my joy in themselves.” Again, “These things have I spoken unto you, that my joy might remain in you, and that your joy might be full.” Until ye can realize the nature and import of these imperishable joys shall they not be revealed unto you. In Christ Jesus the world has hitherto seen the patient, suffering, slaughtered Lamb, because this has been the conception of him which has touched and awakened humanity. But think you for all this that Christ was not the most joyous, loving and God inspired Being who has ever trod your Earth? The most

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transcendent in power and divine in understanding of earthly and heavenly life?

            The development of your “Christianity” through the ages since He appeared on Earth, has surely proved that had he expressed the Divine in any other form than that of the lowly, humble, suffering life of man, men’s false and egoistic conceptions of the Divine would have led them further astray from the truth than they have done, when giving shape to Christ’s teachings and earthly personality. Nothing short of the life He embraced on Earth would have given the world a sense of the combined love and power of the Divine Father’s manifestation of Himself to mankind.




(64:1) So-called in affirmation of the diabolical origin and nature of the priest-constructed doctrine of a blood-loving Deity and of salvation by vicarious sacrifice.



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