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            Spirit loq. You must read more, you must act more truly, you must pray more continuously. Consider not the world, child, nor its opinions, but walk on in semi-light, praying for more light, for more strength to meet all difficulties.


            (In answer to a question.)

            Do not proclaim aloud unasked these words, but when questioned have courage to confess your faith in an actual power-giving Christ and God, not in the lifeless ideal worshipped by many men as such.


            (In answer to a question.)

            ––– (naming a modern French interpreter of Jesus Christ) truly we know, as a supreme lover of the Christ Spirit, which was the very essence of Jesus of Nazareth, the very essence of God His Father. ––––’s book is filled with this Spirit, and betrays no inability to conceive truly of the Divine Afflatus which directed the body of Jesus in all things, and proclaimed Him as Son of Man and Son of God, combined. There is evidence in ––––’s writing, that the Divine Messengers have been at work, harmonizing, arranging and adapting his thoughts to the supreme end God wills for man, namely, the further interpretation of the Gospel of Christ Jesus, which is the embodiment of God’s Fatherhood of man, and must be fully understood as such before man can assimilate the Divine Spirit, and attain fully to the true manhood which shall spring from the spiritual birth Christ urged upon him.

            Fear not that this method of writing shall injure you. What you need to express our thoughts more truly, is what you feel the strong need of while writing; more complete emancipation from the cares and deficiencies of your own personality, more fullness of spiritual realization which we are.

(p. 63)

            Yes, we are your spiritual realization on Earth. You cannot realize spiritual being apart from realizing us, apart from communing and associating with us, because we fill all spiritual being with our searching love for man. If you seek God, you meet us in your holy quest.

            Still are you possessed with the idea that angels or messengers of God are dangerous associates for man, inasmuch as they may attract man’s worship and devotion to themselves. But this is not so. Using Christ’s favorite formula, “Verily, verily,” we say unto you we ministered to Christ, we minister to all men who love Christ, and who penetrate through aspiration beyond the veil of matter.

            We point all to God, the Heavenly Father, the Origin and Cause, the Alpha and Omega. You call us “angels,” but we are not angels in the fancied meaning which attaches to that word in your pictures and books, yea, even within your churches, the repositories of your divine wisdom.

            We feel after God, but not in darkness; we kiss the feet of Christ, because we know Christ is the way, the Truth and the Life.

            We are of the Spirit which God, through the Hebrew prophets, declared He should pour out upon all flesh; of the Spirit which ministers to the interpretation and realization of God’s will for mankind.

            Deceive not yourselves, ye cannot reach unaided to God. He wills that your cries for help be heard and answered through us.

            Think never that the Holy of Holies which Christ your Master fills, is not, too, our Holy of Holies. Think never that man’s deepest note of prayer and praise, is not, too, our deepest note of thanksgiving and faith. Think never that our voices are not one with the voices heard from your truest lives, our names one with the names signed in your most sacred blood, all adown the immortal pages of man’s history. Where are the souls

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of the God-aspiring dead? Are you deceived by Christ? Is your God a liar? Doth the past vanish to be heard never again in the present?

            Awake thou that sleepest, arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light. Gird up thy loins and do battle with thy faithlessness, that dismal dirge with which man lulls within him all that is God-given and God-aspiring.

            Penetrate more deeply into the secret of the Christ, the open-eyed, open-eared intensity of spiritual vision and hearing in man, bringing Heaven and God down to Earth, and transfiguring thereby Earth’s human life. Heaven and God are verily above you, within you, if you will cling to them as the drowning man clings to the rock, for they only constitute your salvation, your redemption from the grave of matter. 



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