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            Spirit loq. Do not be faithless but believing. You do not understand the meaning of the Christ. You doubt the goodness of God as manifested in your own life, and thus far you doubt Christís words.

            That which we write or, more truly, assist you to write, is not of evil, nor has it any connection with evil, except the evil in your own mind, with which we have to contend. At times you are prepossessed with names and personalities, and personal occurrences, and your faith in the divine outpouring through us is by so much diminished, and your mind-substance is by so much antagonized in its attitude towards what we would express. That which is abstract or true, not in reference to times and seasons and personalities, is that which we can best express through you, because in the region of the abstract your mind is as yet undeveloped and un-moulded in any cast, while in the region of the personal no effort of your faith can remove the bias with which it affects all we would express. What we would give you must not be a substitute for your own increased vigor of thought and action; rather must it add power to the Divine within you and within all who read it. Regard it not as given to you and through you, but cast away all personal thought, and see it as a stream Ė not always a clear stream Ė proceeding from the divinely-inspired love we bear to all men, as the

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result in us of a further development of that same faculty which is latent in all, the faculty of Intuition, or of recognition of the divine presence within your lives. The guarantee for truth and true help to man in this work must ever be the motive in which he seeks such help. Let your motives be Godwards, untinged by self-seeking, pure as regards their divine ends, then shall no evil touch you. ďLike draws unto like.Ē More true is this in the spiritual than in the physical world. Judge ye your motives, your prayers, your faith by these utterances, and judge ye these utterances by the prayers, the motives, and the faith which inspire them.

            Neither would we supersede action, but promote it. Action is the embodiment of all speech, of all motive, of all prayer, of all faith. Divinely inspired action is what we seek, and what ye need on Earth. Too long has action struggled forth in darkness as a deformity born of false speech, false motive, false prayer, all the outcome of a false faith in the existence around you of a supreme kingdom of Evil. Yet has your Divine Father possessed His Soul in patience through the long ages of manís blindness, content to utter forth through Christ the everlasting power of His kingdom, to slowly rend from man the veil of ignorance which has concealed from him his own divinity.

            And how else would ye have the Divine Father express Himself unless through Effect which ye call ďEvolutionĒ? What is your ďEvolutionĒ but the gradual unfolding of God, or Cause, on Earth, culminating in manís individual consciousness? Slowly ye behold her shadowed forth and uprising in the vast physical forces which launched forth your Earth from chaos, widening, intensifying as ye watch her, until she takes shape in the human force which shall indicate to you your own divine origin, which shall make of your Earth Godís Heaven.



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