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            Spirit loq. When you think of Christ Jesus, try to think of Him as the direct agent of the Father, suffering, acting, teaching on Earth, yea dying to vindicate His mission, having one object only, the supreme object of binding man to his Cause, his Origin, his Father; of establishing on sure basis for ever afterwards, the possibility, the practicability of the God within man.

            Jesus Christ, your Savior, became what he now is in the estimation of God and of man, through his boundless self-devotion to interests of God and of man, through the absolute subordination to the Spirit of God within himself, bringing with it redemption of his own Earth-life. Man must ever owe to Jesus of Nazareth an infinite debt of reverence and allegiance, because Jesus was the special vehicle chosen and authorized by the Father to deliver to man Heaven’s message of supreme love. In the life of Jesus and in the teachings of Jesus thus understood, in the more spiritual interpretation of those teachings which is coming to Earth through the expanding power of the same Christ-spirit which was God in Jesus, and wherever it exists is the

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Spirit of God operating in man in these shall be found all that is necessary for the full perfectionment of man on every plane of his being.

            But not so with the life and teachings of Jesus materialized as they needs must have been in order to gain acceptance by an undeveloped humanity. Immature, unspiritualized, shorn of the fullness of meaning latent within them, those teachings only await unfoldment in the normal development of man’s consciousness; and this fact was typified by Jesus in His reiterated prophecies of a second and fuller advent of Christ on Earth. This imperfect phase of Christianity, like the dried corn of wheat cast into the ground, must pass, serving both as vehicle and as nourishment to the living germ, the fuller advent of the new life within it. As did the fleshly garment worn by Christ on Earth, when the full recognition of its subordination to some purpose higher than it has yet conceived shall break upon it, this expiring form of Christianity will cry aloud “My God, my God, why has thou forsaken me.”

            But only when uttering this cry of momentary bewilderment shall it recognize fully its own release from the bondage of Earth, to follow the immortal and life-giving principle it has borne within it; and joining this it shall expand into ever higher and truer manifestations of God’s love for mankind, satisfied – with that peace which passeth all understanding – that its own development is incomplete, and that all that is imperishable of it shall be embodied in the new and divine order of man’s spiritual evolution. In readjusting his devotion to Christ Jesus on a more spiritual basis – a basis more in harmony with the Savior’s impressive words, “Why callest thou ME good? There is none good but God” – man shall rise on wings of love and aspiration to a higher plane of worship.

            Led by his faith to the mountain heights of Intuition, he shall behold his Christ transfigured into the very

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Spirit and Presence of God within man on Earth, yet proclaiming its identity, through the sacred personalities of Jesus, Moses, and Elias, with the divine promise of salvation Earth has steadily unfolded to her children from the earliest cradle of their conscious being.



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