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            (In answer to a question.)

            Spirit loq. You shall understand the Book of Revelation some day, but now we can not use your mind to explain it to you. Have faith, strive to see us, to hear us. It is, alas, the weakness of your upstriving, of your faith,

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which prevents you and all men from seeing us, from hearing us, from communing with us in your daily lives.

            Think not that we only come to the Christ-like, to the holy, to the good. We come to all who hear us, we befriend all who look upward and need help. Earthís Savior, Jesus Christ, came first to sinners, to those who dwelt in darkness; we too, his servants, his ministers, we seek that which is lost, we speak to all who need our help.

            That we speak through you or any other mind, need offend no man. The flesh profiteth nothing. Christís words which we re-utter, they are spirit, they are life. Yet have we not heard your life-long cry for help? Has not the felt darkness of your soul been a means whereby we may reveal the Light?

            Thus shall it be with all men. The greater the darkness, the more the need of light, Ė the more light. Ignorant that sinful action means darkness, absence of God, and need of light, and that Godís mercy is infinite, men wonder often that the worst sinners of earth have glimpses of deep religious feeling, have light beyond their actions. That this deep religious sense in those who live in darkness or sin should be used as an argument against spiritual truth, is the result also of manís ignorance. It shall only be when man realizes in the mystery of many lives, that all men have once needed light, that all alike have once lived in darkness and strayed from God, that manís heart shall go out to his weaker brother, to lift him tenderly from sin and sorrow. Then shall he utter with Christ divine consolation and encouragement to those who are less advanced than he is in their ascent towards God, remembering his own past need of love and light. Then truly shall your standards of goodwill towards men, your ideals of justice and mercy be established on the basis Christ urged and foretold. Then only shall you have divine power, because divine light, to deal with sinners. In the hardness

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of your hearts, in the darkness and folly of your superstitions, you believe that Christís love of sinners, his determined defiance of the worldís condemnation of them, lay in his own weakness, his lack of sound judgment, otherwise would you practice that which he taught. You do not realize that Christ was the everlasting Type of Earthís manhood, fully inspired by Godís spirit of infinite wisdom and infinite love, and that this type lifted up, being Truth and Fact, shall draw all men to it. Ye cannot see the full meaning of this. Ye judge Christ because ye yourselves lack judgment. ďSearch the Scriptures, for in them ye think ye have eternal life, and there are they which testify ofĒ this truth, this Christhood in man. 



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