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            Spirit loq. You cannot make spiritual truth clear to the materialist, because he does not recognize the faculty within himself whereby spiritual truth is apprehended. Spiritual truth is not apprehended by the intellect alone. This latter is of like nature with the organs of sense developed through the organic kingdom, and depends for its nutrition on the perceptive faculties of the body and brain. It is not an organ of the permanent individual in man. It is material in its essence, and does not correspond with that which is spiritual. If religion had kept to its own domain, had uttered to man spiritual truth apprehended through the spiritual faculties, it would have appealed to man’s highest intelligence as truth; and materialism – which is also for the casting out of false religion – could not have existed. In departing from its true sphere Religion has become a mass of inconsistencies and falsehoods; impure mongrel births from the intellect and the material desires of man. This has occasioned its downfall from the throne it should possess on Earth.


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            (In answer to a question.)

            You are at a standstill, because we cannot give you more just now until your mind has grasped and assimilated the truth you have, and until you have attained more true faith evidenced in action. We are not you. You are not doing this, and we will prove to you in time that this is the work of others than yourself. We cannot give you material manifestation just yet, but we will do so soon, when your faith is stronger, and when you can more safely resign yourself into our hands. God works in order, and all growth is a thing of God. You cannot grow as by miracle. Faith, and result which strengthens faith, come by continuous effort only. Bring faith and assurance of God into all you do, always upholding in your own mind Christ as the manifestation of the perfect life of man on Earth, never doubting God one moment. Faith grows not by wonders and miracles, but by effort of the man himself, and no wonders nor miracles could give you faith. Only faithful action can achieve faith; only Christ-living can accomplish Christ.

            There is an eternal verity underlying Christ’s unceasing requirement that men should believe before they could receive aught, either through prayer or through the power of the divine in himself. And this we can explain to you more fully when you shall have accomplished more faith within you. In your struggle with doubt, with difficulty of action, pray believing you shall receive. If you pray for more love, more Christ-likeness, more faith, doubt not that ye will all receive. Prayer is another term for possession, and the possessing prayer alone is answered because it bears its own answer within itself. If men only understood this momentous fact, they could no longer tolerate their own blindness and the blindness around them, but with mighty and combined effort to possess themselves of sight, would they shake off the fell disease; and the

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film we see would drop off from their eyes, and reveal to them Heaven and Earth as they truly are.



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