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            Spirit loq. You must have more faith, is what we would say to all men. You must see us by faith. Your souls will surely grow by faith which shall to you become sight.

(p. 48)

There are many of us around you. You must desire truth only, you must not desire personal communications. Your father, your mother, your friends and relations all resign their claim on you. They all would have you know that this work is of true import to men; not only to your soul. You must live more righteously, more lovingly, more like Christ, if you would accomplish the true Christ within you, if you would give us full power to use your mind. Turn wholly to God. Do not falter in courage, do not deceive yourself, but give up the world, and the things of the world, and seek never for gratification by sense, of those you love.

            Take your riches as a cross, and as a cross endure them, until you shall have learnt to see in them a means only of helping others. You say to yourself. “If I could but see or hear, or feel assured always that there are around me spiritual beings doing this work, I could then live the life and grow in faith and love!” But this is not so. The life can only be lived by one who loves it for itself, and wills to live it. You still love Earth; you look back, you waver, you hesitate even from hour to hour. Pray without ceasing. Have faith that there is within and around you infinite love, infinite power of will to be attained by all men who would attain them. God is will and love combined – the absolute of your relative will and love. But God’s will acts never apart from His love, and thus are the two as one. In men are they divided Love exists apart from will, and will apart from love. Thus do men err in all things. Their will becomes perversity and ministers to sense only. Their love strays to that which is unlovely and unlovable.

            You fear man’s ridicule. You think ever, “Will not men hoot at me as giving up my life to superstition, as a fool, a fanatic, trusting to that which is not?”

            This is so because you know not, you see not, you love not the God within man, ever striving to assert Himself.

(p. 49)

If your love for man were greater, if your faith in God were purer and more sure, then would this ministry to your lower self be impossible. You would only seek to give to man the truths which have been a boon to yourself, leaving to the answering truth and good within man, all care of results.

            We do not ask you to weigh consequences; we know you cannot do so; we ask you to transmit to man such of our knowledge as we can utter through you. Burning are our thoughts; neither can men yet receive them in their full significance. Too cold, too base, too hard of heart are they.

            Is it not enough that we must ever strive and ache to adapt the wisdom we have grown to, to your darkness, to your weak sight, to your love which ever wanes more than it waxes? Is it not enough that we must watch each glimmering light which struggles to your souls, eager to snatch an entry there? Yet must you still upbraid and tear to shreds our work in you. What matter if men do call you fool, if haply your folly may mean wisdom to them? What matter names and terms of scorn if ye have burning realities, the Gospel of life and hope and love within you? “Prove all things and hold fast that which is good.”





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