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            Spirit loq. The Bible contains all we have told you within it. The spiritual rendering of the Bible has been concealed by man’s own lack of spiritual grasp. To those who seeing can perceive, and hearing can understand, the Bible has ever been the treasure-house of spiritual life and

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spiritual knowledge. Their powerlessness to realize spiritual things has prevented, and still prevents, men from laying hold of the spiritual existence which glows as a fire of power, purification, and love within the Bibles of the Earth, and finds in Christ Jesus its fullest expression. No wonder ye cast aside as impracticable His teachings, satisfied to express your admiration in words. No marvel that your “Christians” ever find life a toil, and death unspeakable sorrow. What have they but sense, perishing and failing, to make life worth having? It is all cross and no resurrection, all love and no power issuing from love, all uncertain belief and no faith, no visions clear as daylight to raise your drooping souls.

            Christ came, not only to promise but to fulfill, to show man that the kingdom of Heaven might and must exist on Earth, for those who can possess themselves of it, and who can believe that matter and all pertaining to matter can be transfigured by it into Heaven and Spirit; that pain, sickness, sin, and sorrow, even death itself are due to man’s blindness and want of perception of the real nature of things, of the real nature of his own being and the real powers due to his own connection with the Divine. The cross Christ’s followers must bear was the suffering incident to the crucifixion of their lower sense-nature which withheld from them the power or Spirit of God. For this Spirit alone can redeem matter and endue it with Godlike powers.

            The idea that Christ implied any suffering to Earth, beyond the suffering incident to this struggle between the higher and the lower nature in man, is false. The idea that Christ did not come to redeem Earth itself, and man while on Earth, from all which prevents Earth from being Heaven, is utterly false, and this it is which makes your Christ-worship so feeble, so ineffectual. The idea that there was any value in Christ’s own death, any merit in it to man, except as an example, showing Christ the God-begotten soul, willing to sacrifice his

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own lower or bodily nature to his spiritual teachings and sure faith in God, is a chief cause of man’s profound discouragement in Christ. Deceive yourselves no longer. Christ overcame the world. He demonstrated as man – by his divine love and its inseparable ally his divine power – that man inspired with God’s spirit has dominion over earth and over all that is on earth, and can become through this spirit the redeemer of his own life and of his fellows’ lives from sin, from suffering, from death itself. What were Christ’s miracles – as you call them – but evidences of this vast truth, and what the meaning of his reproaches to his friends because they could not perform the same? What was his resurrection but the evidence of the power of the Christ in man over death itself?

            Jesus was the full manifestation of God in man, the Liberator or Savior of man from all evil, physical as well as spiritual evil, from the darkness in which he dwells when dissevered from God. Anointed with the fullness of the Holy Breath, he was truly termed Christ Jesus, “Anointed Liberator.” Yet, are you not freed yet, neither shall you be so until Earth rings with the peal of earthly and heavenly voices combined, announcing your freedom, O men, from sin, from sorrow, from death.



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