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            Spirit loq. You need to know still more about Love, and then will you seek its manifestation in your own life and surroundings. No man can manifest in his active life that which does not exist within him.

            Benevolent action exhibited in deeds of charity cannot take the place of love, neither can it create within you love, unless it forms as it were an utterance in your burning desire and prayer to possess love. True love, from within, transfigures your lives into creative forces. It is the growth principle both within yourselves and within those on whom it shines. When you shall have mastered the thought that God is Love, in the sense we have tried to describe to you His Self-manifestation through the infinite phenomena of the universe; when you shall have risen to a clearer conception of the vastness of the altruistic effort these phenomena imply, ever advancing in fuller and further development of individual consciousness to a blessedness ye on earth know not of; when you shall have worked into this conception the thought of the immeasurable love implied in the purification of each conscious life, through the divine rhythm of successive conditions which ye know as life and death –

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death being as the inbreathing to contemplate God, life as the outbreathing to manifest God – then shall Love take deeply hold of your inmost being, and show forth as creative power in your lives.

            Ques. Why do you say “creative power”? What has love or what have I to do with creation?

            Ans. Consider again deeply what man means, consider what it is that his life expresses, and the meaning shall shine forth unto you. Man is the uppermost expression of God on earth, the most fully developed phenomenon of which you are cognizant on earth. In other words he is the outcome on earth of what we have told you is creative Love-force in God. He is the latest expression of God’s inherent and absolute Altruism, of God’s immeasurable devotion to the interests of others than Himself. So long as man remains ignorant of the glorious end of the individuating or Love-tendency in God, expressed on earth through all Nature and culminating in man, he will not understand that God is Love, and he will not grasp the nature and extent of the extraordinary powers which true love possesses.

            You ask, “But is man as I see him – born to sorrow, suffering and death – really a glorious outcome, after all, of God, and does he really express such an immeasurable love in God?

            Yes, and again we say yes. We too have been men and do we not know that man is born to Divinity. In spite of your blindness to fact, in spite of your unlovely and unloving teachings as to the Divine Love which begot your souls, man does and shall ever manifest to all who can receive this truth, that Infinite Love is the essential fact with which you are concerned in the nature of God.

            Ye know not whom ye worship. Thus is your worship as fear disguised in words only of Love.

            Nevertheless when ye shall know more of God, when ye shall know that ye are born of God, are God’s

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manifestation of Himself on earth, then shall love (inherent in you) manifest, too, its divine being in your lives, issuing forth to create and multiply in other souls the everlasting joys of its own divinity. Truly man knows now that there is growth on earth from infinitely small beginnings upwards through all Nature to himself. But he is still unconscious of the whence and wherefore of this growth. He knows not that it is but another term for the Divine Love of God.

            Fear not, however; for your Christ-born redeemer, Intuition, arises like the sun. Like the sun shall she lighten man’s darkness and make clear man’s ways. Then shall you interpret the ascending glories of God’s love as manifested in Nature’s growth and your own.



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