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Spirit loq. You must not be so full of the things of the world. We can do nothing to help you to write at

(p. 71)

these times. Do not seek the society of materialists. They only weaken your faith, and you are not yet strong enough to help them.

            We would protect you from the temptations of the world, and lift you above your lower self. If you go into the world and mix with it on its own terms again, we can have no power to work through you.

            Have you not always shunned the world, under our influence mainly?

            Seek duty, and seek not pleasure, which is no enduring happiness. Seek thought, seek God, and seek only action proceeding from these.

            Time was wasted this morning, your thoughts were distracted, and we may not wait on your caprice.

            Try, O try and realize the vast moment of our work to the world, and pray for remission of your faithlessness and vanity, to the Most High God.

            If you would have us work progressively through you, you must give up all else, except the effort to practice in your daily, your hourly life, Christ’s goodness, mercy, justice, and love.

            The early morning has many advantages for this work. It is quieter, and quiet has a substantial effect on our work. You are rested, and the practice of commencing the day with prayer to the Most High, and with holy influence around you, is eminently valuable.

            The self-denial, too, is of the highest value to you, and if you are strong in faith and love, no harm but good shall accrue from this practice of early rising.

            Consider not the future, we will provide for that; we will tell you as occasion requires, how times and seasons may be secured, to no disadvantage to yourself, nor to others around you.


            (In answer to a question.)

            You fear these visions because you are not wholly free from the influence of evil spirits, who are contending with us to possess you.


(p. 72)

            (In answer to a question.)

            God is everywhere, but He is impossible of sensible manifestation as the Absolute, the Origin of all.

            This is so to us even, much more so to you. You will see God everywhere around you, in Nature, in yourself, in your fellows, and in all things, but you cannot conceive even of God apart from these phenomena.

            God’s highest manifestation with which man on Earth is cognizant, is the Christ-light and the Christ-life, and these do not men despise?


            (In answer to a question.)

            A true prophet must ever be one who applies his teaching to his own Earth-life.


            (In answer to a question.)

            We dare not give you more till you have assimilated into your own body and life that which you already have.

            Curious speculations and minute details of a life which, in its fullness of glory is incomprehensible to your existing and meagrely-developed faculties of spiritual conception, are of little value to your Earth-lives, which after all are the lives to which you are adapted in your present conditions, and the lives which cry out aloud for reconstruction on a spiritual basis.

            Earth must ever be the nursery-garden of your souls.

            We do not serve Earth to the intent that Earth may cease to be Earth, and mankind may become some other “kind.” We serve Earth to the end that Earth may develop to its true earthliness, and mankind to its true manhood, and that these may be built up on Christ the Comer Stone, which has been and still is rejected by the builders.

            In this sense only is it that Earth can become the Kingdom of Heaven, Heaven being always understood by man as that condition of conscious being where

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perfect harmony prevails, and where spiritual consciousness, the Original Consciousness, regulates and directs every other form of consciousness, and every other condition of being.



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