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            Spirit loq. You need more will power.

            Ques. How shall I get it?

            Ans. By trusting absolutely in God as you would have your children trust in you.

            Ques. Of whom is all this work of the spiritualizing of thought in the world?

            Ans. It is the work of Christ.

            Ques. Why was I overcome with temper the other day?

            Ans. You did not pray soon enough or persistently

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enough. You sought your own personal gratification. You must be stronger in faith and will. You must not despair of good results because they are slow.

            Ques. Can you really help me?

            Ans. We will, so help us God in our work. You must not pay so much attention to the thoughts of others; they only weaken your faith and aid the mind to stray; from God. You must not believe what comes to you in dreams; you are not good enough to trust in your dreams being the agents of the Lord yet.

            Ques. How do I best enable you to teach me?

            Ans. By lending your mind to us to work upon. You must not exterminate your own will, but you must lend us your mind.

            Ques. Should I place faith in these answers?

            Ans. No, you must always question and consider what you write, and if it should seem to you unworthy then discard it.

            Ques. Why at first did l feel so exhausted trying to receive answers to my questions?

            Ans. Because you struggled against the entrance of words to your brain, and did not assist US to develop your intuitional sight.

            Ques. But I was afraid of evil coming to me in this way.

            Ans. There can be no evil when men’s thoughts are pure. You will rise assuredly, if you keep alive your faith in God and Christ. Do not be misled; it is man’s own doing whether he rises or whether he falls, and no influence can guide his will where it is set in one direction. The purity of man’s own thoughts only, is a safeguard in this work.

            Ques. What is the action on others of our love?

            Ans. It gives them faith.

            Ques. What is faith?

            Ans. It is the clinging by man to his Birthright and Birthplace.

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            Ques. “What do you mean by man’s Birthright and Birthplace?

            Ans. God is both.

            Ques. How shall I teach my children in matters of religion?

            Ans. Try and make them believe what is truest to you. More love shall be yours if your faith keeps warm. You must not live in continued doubt. You will get more hope and faith if you strive and try. Do not let the things of the world overmaster you.



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