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            Mortal. (In reference to certain replies received.) Shall I destroy this writing?

            Ans. No, you should not burn anything you receive; it may be useful to others. You must not doubt so much; it impairs the faculty of true thought.

            Ques. Can you help me?

            Ans. Yes, God will do so through us if you tell Him your needs.

            Ques. Where is my Mother?

            Ans. She is in the heaven now of her own thoughts.

            Ques. Is she helped?

            Ans. Yes, good angels are helping her to get more love.

            Ques. Does she visit me when l feel her presence?

            Ans. Yes, she comes to you often in dreams, but she can seldom make you hear her.

            Ques. Are there evil spirits?

            Ans. Yes, there are spirits who do not love God, and who do not love man. You must not tell them you fear them, but you must always look upwards.

            Ques. How can I tell when communication proceeds from good or from evil?

            Ans. You must always prove all things and hold fast that which is good.

            Ques. How can men know when they receive truth in this way?

            Ans. They will receive truth according to the need and felt want of truth in their own innermost souls.

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You must not make us do too much by always doubting and resisting.

            Ques. How can I help doubting and resisting?

            Ans. Make all your plans in harmony with the highest spiritual guidance you are aware of.

            Ques. Where is Jesus Christ now?

            Ans. He is with God in the universe, and he guides-all he will give you proof that he is guiding you and all men who try to find him.

            Ques. How can I grow nearer to him?

            Ans. By doing good work in your own nature, and by giving sympathy to others. You are destitute of love. Your love is too tired.

            Ques. How shall I get more love?

            Ans. By never giving way to the evil influences which came to you at times. These are what you fear them to be. You must not give way to them when they first attack you. They are the spirits of bad men who come to all men in some form. You must pray faithfully and work upwards when they come, and tell them boldly you are a child of God and not of the devil.

            Ques. How can I get more faith?

            Ans. By sight. You will soon see for yourself that all is true as light.



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