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            Spirit loq. Hitherto we have spoken of evolution as the general unfolding through the race; we have not told you how that same evolution is accomplished through each individual man. What mean these words “Who did sin, this man or his parents, that he was born blind? Jesus answered, neither has this man sinned, nor his parents, but that the works of God should be made manifest in him.” Why did Christ, knowing all things, say of Judas “Good were it for that man if he had never been born.” Because Christ knew that the particular course of Earth-life through which Judas was passing had been of no avail to him. He had made no good use of it, in spite of his nearness to the light. These and like words of Christ imply an understanding of the secret of the numerous Earth-lives ye all live, which are to you for

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the evolution of your individual Christhood, your individual salvation. They are parallel, in the history of your individual souls, to the succession on Earth of many races and nations, through which is evolved the Christhood or salvation of Humanity.

            Now this teaching shall offend many; yet it is the clue to all your creeds. It explains those promises of salvation made to all men in Christ’s name, the apparent non-fulfillment of which is a main cause of the Earth’s profound skepticism as to the truth of Christianity. Within this teaching – the truth of which we have experienced and therefore know lies the full interpretation of those misunderstood and perplexing warnings and threats which would otherwise be irreconcilable with the character of a Deity who is at once the cause of good and of evil, the origin of justice and of mercy.

            Ques. If this is true, tell me, in the name of God, why Christ and the Prophets disguised or never revealed it?

            Ans. We cannot tell you this now. It would offend you, and you could not appreciate it, but we will tell you. The answer to this question lies in the further understanding of the spiritual development of the Hebrew race.

              Ques. Here I had grave doubts whether this answer was not in my own mind and I said, “In the name of the most Holy God are you true beings apart from myself, or is it some force within my own being which impels and impresses me to write this?”

            Ans. We are true beings outside yourself. We will show you we are true helpers of Humanity if you will have patience and faith. Have we not helped your own life, thank God? Yes, we have helped your life, and we have been to you a force Godwards. You have a glimmering of this idea, but we could not now do justice to it through your mind. Read more. Here Theosophy will help you. And this is why it is: – to reconcile man

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to this mighty truth which shall push forward his growth more rapidly than any other teaching. It lies within God’s manifestation, and is therefore holy truth. Man’s knowledge of it lies too within God’s manifestation and is also Truth. Your offence, Man, avails nothing to God; neither shall your opposition to that which IS, affect one jot or one tittle the everlasting “Yea” of the universe, which glows imperishable above Humanity. Were you not offended in Christ, yet is not he and all other Truth the Rock of your Salvation, the Alpha and Omega of your being?

            When Christ said “Before Abraham was I am,” he touched on this mystery. For if it was possible for the perfect Spirit of God to be clothed with the fleshly body of Jesus of Nazareth, it follows unmistakably that at all times and all seasons God’s Spirit, of which your bodies are the temple, could clothe itself in successive forms of flesh. This mystery of reincarnation shall be at once the hope and the purifying fear of man, when the unsealing of the Earth’s Bibles, which is upon you, shall be complete. Then shall man know that every moment of his Earth-life, is the outcome of the true law of atonement, the fulfillment of the law of immeasurable justice, and immeasurable love. Then shall man no longer dread death, for shall not death be the passage from one life to another, the natural ebb and flow of the tide of his being. Then shall death be seen to be God’s permission to the sinner to enter his true land of promise, the purifying fire or purgatory of remorse from which emerges the new Earth-life of upstriving, and the enduring resolve to redeem the past in the same sphere of being in which he offended. With your understanding of this mystery only shall come your full realization of the power attaching to effort. In the revelation of this mystery shall you know that the unswerving law of Nature at once encourages and warns man to take heed to his Earth-life. In it shall be established

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on immoveable base the truth of just retribution and just reward. Your doctrine of forgiveness of sin shall be revolutionized. For you shall know that man must earn his own forgiveness or putting away of sin, by the actual discontinuance of sin; that no false sentiment shall stand for repentance or for forgiveness. You shall know that the power Christ and all God-inspired beings possess, to remit or put away from a man his sins by the infusion within him of their own love and dependence on God, cannot endure unless the recipient of this forgiveness co-operate in his own deliverance. Always shall Christ say to every man “Go and sin no more lest a worse thing come unto thee.” There is truly salvation to man by faith or actual dependence on God (the dependence of the infant on the mother’s breast) but there is no salvation to man by spasmodic belief born of craven fear. There is no conversion, no grace, which can dispense with man’s continuous upstriving and continual realization of the power of God within and around him. And those who teach you otherwise teach that which has no correspondence in Fact. This is the secret of your doctrines of Faith and Works.



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