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            Spirit loq. We will try and make the best use of your faith. We will teach you of Evil, and what is its nature. Evil is the negation by men of God or good; it is the blindness we spoke of yesterday, either the darkness which comprehendeth not the light, or the deeper darkness which refuses to see that there is darkness, and calls the darkness light. This form of evil it was which prompted Christ to say to the Pharisees, ďIf ye were blind, ye should have no sin; but now ye say, we see, therefore your sin remaineth.Ē So long as man looks for evil and accepts its supremacy, will he retain it in his body, in his soul, in his surroundings and in his life. In exact measure as he exalts its power over him, will he retain it with him.

            But, you say, how can man deny the power of evil, seeing the sin, sickness, poverty and death within and around him? True there is evil surrounding man. His lands and cities swarm with every loathsome form of it, which we see and struggle against more keenly than you do, because in us the veil which enshrouds God or good in the Universe is less dense than it is with you, and by so much are our faculties for the discernment of your evil, or your negation of good, clearer and stronger than

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yours. The power of God or good is the negation of evil, the negation of God or good is the power of evil. Our perception of God being clearer than yours, it follows as the night the day that our sense of your negation of God is also stronger than yours. Otherwise we should not be, what I told you yesterday we are, a further step than is your own recognition of evil in your ascent to God Ė in your evolution.

            The gradual sensing of God or good on Earth is the fulfillment of the law of Evolution, which you are only beginning to comprehend in the vastness of the truth and light it shall disclose to you. Each step in this ladder, which man takes, is urged by that strong need, or desire for nutrition and expansion, which your scientists will tell you underlies the law of growth throughout Nature. In other words, each further vision of God or good in man must of necessity enclose within itself a further perception of his own past and present negation of God Ė a further conviction of sin. Inasmuch as the understandings of men are as unequally developed as are their bodies or outer forms, so this further vision must be, and is, expressed by one man or by one race in advance of the general assent of any age. So long as Earth exists, manís need of growth shall be expressed by Prophet and Poet; so long shall these point him to that which lies beyond the vision of their immediate fellows.

            We recapitulate: Evil is the negation of God or good: Ė Manís need of expansion and nutrition, and consequent perception of this negation, of this evil within and around him, are the cause of his further vision of God or good.

             This further vision of God is born of effort which promotes all growth.

            Thus evil and the recognition of evil by man must be an inevitable step in his further consciousness of and progress towards God or good. Thus are sin and suffering

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embodied in the Divine Love which manifests itself through the individuation and evolution, from the chaos of formlessness, of the Godhead of man.

            Only when this law of evolution shall have possessed manís mind in its full bearing as Godís manifestation of Himself on Earth, shall it be seen that sin and suffering are no longer necessary elements in manís advance.

            Then shall man step forth to that plane of his being where he shall become conscious that God or good reigns supreme throughout the universe, and that evil has arisen through manís non-consciousness of this fact. Then shall man consciously co-operate with God in the sublime fulfillment of his own destiny and of Godís love.



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