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            (I had just been irritated by some disagreement in my household and had lost my self-control in trying to set it right. When I tried to write at my usual hour, no words came for some little time, and I felt disappointed. At last I discerned the Influences around me, and wrote.)

            Spirit loq. We are here, we await you. We cannot impress you when you are distressed in mind and temper. You must have more love, and not disguise from the world and from those you live among, that which is nearest and dearest to you – your sense of the presence on Earth of a vast Spiritual Universe, with its healing influences, and its effectual aid to men. Those who render you service are our dear ones too; their lives, and their peace and their true joy is our study. She of whom you are thinking can see now how she misjudged them, and how false were her relations to them in her Earth life; and she would have you atone for her shortcomings by making your life a blessing to all of this order you dwell among. Love them as you love your children, and fear not that you will incur even earthly loss by so doing. If, on the other hand you maintain antagonism in your attitude to them, you dwarf by so much your own love which is your Godhead, and you cut short by so much their love which is also their Godhead. Look these, and

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like troubles in the face, and conceal them not from us, your best friends. We will love you through them; and that which you covet, a Madonna-like love and radiant warmth of Soul, shall send its rays far and wide around you, and make God’s love in you a blessed word in men’s mouths. Give freely of all you have, and bury not your talents – of love, sympathy, help, healing, and even of your cursed gold. Cursed, we call it, because it thwarts the Divine in you and in all against whom it strives. Were you here, you would bleed, metaphorically speaking, so intense would be the desire to utter to Earth, the rapidness, the deep rooted deceit of these riches and cares, to which we, like you, have been a prey at one time of our being.

            Man struggles and toils, and suffers, and faints, and dies in his lifelong greed of gold and its cares, never satisfied, never content to pause and rest that he may know his error and depart from it. You ask why, while he admits his folly, and the deep cynicism (arrest of growth, we would call it) this struggle brings, can he not rend himself free? His personal wants may be few, his hatred of low motives intense, his disbelief, even, in the end of his own struggles, profound, but yet he must tramp up and up on the endless treadmill of Earth’s desires, in a never ending toil and sweat.

            This is so, because he stifles, yea denies, within him the Spirit of Truth, which God has sent forth to be manifested through his individual upstriving. Why will man not sit down and confront that which shall prove itself to be irresistible fact? Why will he not permit us to make ourselves known to him, that we may convince him of his own blindness to Nature’s laws and to God’s love?

            So submerged is he within this darkness, so permeated with the delusions of sense, that he cannot recognize around him our vast spheres of love, teeming with their living, working, evolving Humanities, awaiting the dawn

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to man of the fact of his own blindness to press their crowd of truths upon his soul. Like the Pharisees of old, man says he is not blind, and thus is he the more destitute of spiritual light. Yet within him, unformed and rudimentary, we discern the eyes which shall be unto him a salvation from all his sorrows. To this end we work, instruments in the vast unfoldment to man of Nature’s Deity, cherishing, ministering to, the development in all mankind, of the intuitional Sight, or complete recognition of the Spiritual within and around him, which hitherto has been a life-giving sense but to the few ye have truly called your “Saviors.”



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