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(p. 8)




            Spirit loq. By your own lives ye shall redeem your souls. The sacrifice of the personality to the individuality is the true sacrifice; and in dying Jesus sacrificed his personality to his individuality in the fullest sense.

            The individuality is the attribute of the true human being, as distinguished from the animal who has not yet attained it.

            It is latent in all material manifestations of God, but only becomes self-conscious and, so, fully expressive, in the man who grasps its presence within him, and strives to realize and develop it fully in his earth life.

            All aspiration works towards the fuller realization of this truth in nature.

(p. 9)

            The voice of Conscience is the voice of Individuality on its upward path.

            If not synonymous with evolution, the development of the two are so intimately allied that one cannot exist without the other. The development and attainment of individuality means evolution. Evolution is only the mode by which individuality is attained.

            Human evil is the result of man’s want of receptivity to this truth, which is the primary law of his being. It is the result of his endeavor to deify his personality, which God has decreed shall be but the mortal and perishing tenement of his individual soul.

            If all men received and amplified within them this truth-germ, there would be no need that Christ should be manifested, no need of continuous suffering. All would grow towards God in harmony with the everlasting law of His creative power.

            Evil is as the darkness of inborn blindness, which knows not the light, and fails to behold it. Evolution is as the darkness which senses the dawn, and opens wide its arms to receive the light of Heaven.



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