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            Spirit loq. You must not let your faith grow cold. You want proofs of our existence apart from your own consciousness. You think this writing is your own doing. But have patience. You shall see in the future that it is not your doing, and that we are what we tell you we are, influences in the evolution of your planet which man must take into account if he would formulate his philosophies in correspondence with Fact. Your earth grows cold from need of spiritual realities, and your “modern philosophy” is the outcome of this coldness. Truly, it originated in the growth of man’s mind beyond his creeds, the effort of man to weed away the inharmonious and that which had become to him no longer true, in order to put himself into true relations with Nature. But it was the product of man’s intellect alone, and bore with it no discernment of the deeper, subtler and more penetrating force which underlies intellect – the force of intuition, man’s power of contact with the unseen, his direct access to the Truth which is alike the basis of his own consciousness, and of nature’s evolution through him. The modern philosopher has no conception of the line which man’s evolution is about to take. Unconscious of that primary force which underlies all religions, he sees

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in religion – and from his point of view he sees correctly – the enemy of truth. In Christ, as you interpret Christ at present, he sees the noble but foolish enthusiast, the outcome of a sorrowful superstition. But, nevertheless, be ye sure that this destroyer of creeds is, too, a necessary element in your advance. He has served his purpose in sweeping up the dead rubbish accumulated through the past, in clearing the ground for you and for us; and in doing this he has proved to you the impossibility of a return to the religious intolerance of former ages. He has freed you from your own tyranny, but shall he impose on you his tyranny? Shall he have power to affect that sacred germ which bears within itself man’s future being? Shall he lay hands on that which Nature decrees must survive, though he damn it to the utmost limits of his reason? No! Doubt not that he, too, has promoted the truth he would now destroy. He has shown you that the character of Nature and of man point to a Cause utterly beyond all your past conceptions; and in doing this he has proclaimed unconsciously that if Christ emanated from this Cause, he too has been dwarfed and misinterpreted in the past teachings of man. He has put you on the track, as it were, of a religious conception in harmony with your highest intelligence and your deepest intuition.



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