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The Virgin of the World of Hermes Mercurius Trismegistos. Anna Bonus Kingsford and Edward Maitland. A translation of Hermetic manuscripts. Introductory essays (on Hermeticism) and notes by Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland. George Redway, London, 1885. Also in Madras: P. Kailasam Brothers; Spiritualistic Book Depot, 1885. 154 pp.


           Information: The complete text of this work is available in this site. We hope in the future to add its translation into Portuguese. A review of this work by T. Subba Row, with answers by Kingsford and Maitland, and another answer by Subba Row – The Virgin of the World (review by T. Subba Row) – was published in The Theosophist, vol. VII, Nov. and Dec., 1885, pp. 95-98 and 153-58.

Before our site made available the complete text of this work (in May, 2005), the chapter of the work – A Treatise on Initiations; or, Asclepios – also in the translation by Anna Kingsford, was in the site:

And in June 2005 the complete text of the work was added to the collection of the good site Sacred-Texts:

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the virgin of the

world of hermes






Anna Kingsford


Edward Maitland













            In presenting the “Virgin of the World” – which with my “Hargrave Jennings” Edition of the “Divine Pymander,” now so much in repute and demand, are the text books of Hermetic thought – it is no act of supererogation to gratefully acknowledge my appreciation of the valued services associated with me in the privileged task of once again reviving those priceless writings of that “Master Initiate,” “Hermes Mercurius Trismegistus;” (to be shortly supplemented by the Third Volume, or “Golden Treatise concerning the Physical Secret of the Philosopher’s Stone, in seven sections,” esteemed one of the best and oldest pieces of Alchemical Philosophy extant; comprising, in epitome, the whole Art and secret method of its confection, with corroborative annotations from Fludd, Behmem, Vaughan, &c.

            Bath. May, 1885.






1. Introductory Essays and Preface (i-xxx)


By Edward Maitland:

The Hermetic Books (i-viii)

The Hermetic System and the Significance of its Present Revival (ix-xviii)

By Anna Kingsford:

An Introduction to the Virgin of the World (xix-xxx)


2. The Virgin of The World (1-40)


3. Asclepios on Initiations (45-96)


4. The Defitions of Asclepios (101-114)


5. Fragments of the Book of Hermes to His Son Tatios (119-140)


6. Fragments of the Writings of Hermes to Ammon (141-148)


7. Various Hermetic Fragments (149-154)



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